[email protected] ~ # bastille --help
Usage: bastille command [-h|--help]

Bastille is a container management and automation framework for FreeBSD.

Bastille allows you to quickly and easily create and manage FreeBSD (jail)

  bastille [command]

Available Commands:
  bootstrap   Bootstrap a FreeBSD release for container base.
  chroot      chroot(8) into a stopped container.
  cmd         Execute arbitrary command on targeted container(s).
  console     Console into a running container.
  cp          cp(1) files from host to targeted container(s).
  create      Create a new container.
  destroy     Destroy a stopped container.
  help        Help about any command
  list        List containers (running and stopped).
  pkg         Manipulate binary packages within targeted container(s). See pkg(8).
  restart     Restart a running container.
  start       Start a stopped container.
  stop        Stop a running container.
  sysrc       Safely edit rc files within targeted container(s).
  top         Display and update information about the top(1) cpu processes.
  update      Update container base -pX release.
  upgrade     Upgrade container release to X.Y-RELEASE.

Use "bastille [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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